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passion for olive oil
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Stage 1 - Harvesting Olives are collected directly from the tree, carried to the oil mill and then crushed within twenty-four hours.

Stage 2 - Crushing After having been carried to the oil mill, the olives are defoliated through the ventilation process and then crushed by a big granite grinding wheel until an olive paste is obtained. This process requires no heat, and is thus called COLD-PRESSING. This process gives the possibility to obtain an extra virgin olive oil which preserves all the flavours, fragrances and genuineness of the olive oil.

Stage 3 - Pressing the olive paste is spread on circular diaphragms which are piled together with stainless steel disks. This pile of disks of olive paste is pressed to release the oil.

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Stage 4 - Separation After the pressing a mixture of oil and water is carried to a centrifuge. Oil and water are split due to their different specific weight. The olive oil obtained at this stage is "non filtered oil" and is characterized by golden colour and incomparable aroma.

Stage 5 - Storage, filtration and bottling Once it is extracted, the olive oil is analysed to evaluate acidity and than stored in stainless steel storage silos which keep all the organoleptic and olfactory characteristics of our olive oil. Another stage is the filtration through cotton wool which keeps the oil lighter and better suitable to frying. The extra-virgin olive oil is at last bottled in tins or bottles of different size and so it can be directly sold to the consumer.

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