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passion for olive oil
how we were... our present to build the bridge to the future

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Our oil mill was founded back in 1930 thanks to the great-grandfather VITO GRISETA.
Today, we are proud to say that we have been oil millers for four generations and that we still continue this activity.

The extra-virgin olive oil, that we produce, is extracted from the best olives of our region which are directly collected from tree.

Our processing technique is traditional, called "First cold press" and makes use of hydraulic presses, stainless steel diaphragms and disk wheels.

We can trace the quality of our olive oil which is extracted from 5000 olive trees of the best quality (cima di mola, coratina, pescioline, frantoio, leccina, etc.) owned by our farm. In this way we can certify the quality of the final product.

We process our olives, within twenty-four hours from harvest, and we obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil, characterized by a low acidity.

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